‘A Restless Art’ (2019)

Between 2015 and 2019, I was researching community and participatory art, working towards a book that was published in January 2019, with a Portuguese translation published in May 2019. The book has been welcomed by reviewers:

“I didn’t know how spacious, grounded, illuminating, and original the book would be. If you are at all interested in this phenomenon — art and social change, social practice, community arts, community cultural development, or any of the other monikers in circulation — you owe it to yourself to read this book.”

Arlene Goldbard, Medium, 12 February 2019

“Profound and detailed, beautiful and practical, text book and story: François Matarasso’s A Restless Art could be the only work on participatory art that you will need to own and want to read.”

Kathryn Deane, ArtWorks Alliance, February 2019

“Those working in the field will fall on this book with gratitude and delight for the clarity it provides in a nuanced, demanding, rewarding and complex field.”

Lucy Neal, Arts Professional, February 2019

The project has its own website, which continues to grow with resources and documentation on the subject.