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A match in the darkness

‘A satisfactory philosophy of ignorance’ I’d never heard of Richard Feynman when I picked up a book of his in the late 1990s. It was the title that attracted me: The Meaning of it All. Anyone who could call their book that… Read More

What has art ever done for science?

There’s a good post under this title at the Wellcome Trust blog—thanks Chris Fremantle—describing some of the ways that art and science collaborations have advanced scientific knowledge. Several commentators have added their own ideas and experiences in the same vein. It’s certainly… Read More

Regular Marvels, in Theory (RMT)

Originally posted on Regular Marvels:
One reason for creating Regular Marvels is to look for better ways of writing about people’s experience of art and culture. That experience is important and endlessly interesting to me, but any understanding of it, indeed the experience…

For the good of the others

‘Inform, educate and entertain’ This week, Radio 4 has been broadcasting a series of 45-minute programmes by Melvyn Bragg under the title The Value Of Culture. It’s a sign of the strength and quality of public culture in Britain that such programmes are an unexceptional… Read More

Memories worth having

Is it worth it  A new winter coat and shoes for the wife  And a bicycle on the boy’s birthday Elvis Costello, Shipbuilding, 1983 The trouble with utilitarianism, apart from ethics, is its simplistic view of reality. Born in an age of ascendant… Read More

Science, stories and truth

Frances Ashcroft:  “I’m fascinated by this divorce of philosophy from science because I think that in a way we’re all trying to tell stories about how the world works and I just think that the stories that science tells are perhaps a… Read More

‘Billy, Me & You’

Last autumn Nicola Streeten published her first comic book. Billy, Me & You is about a couple coming to terms with the loss of a small child. It is a personal account, some 15 years after the event, of an unanticipated death… Read More

Pixelated death

Bad guys in movies used to come to sticky ends, in a bloody hammering of bullets or falling off tall buildings. Now, they disintegrate in an accelerating loss of pixels, becoming blue grey smoke and then nothing. It happens to the expendable… Read More

On ‘the very idea of measuring cultural value’

There is a new blog on the DCMS website by Claire Donovan, an academic at Brunel University who has been commissioned to write a report on ‘the very ideaofmeasuring cultural value’. She asks: ‘What are your views on the very idea of… Read More