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Naked emperors

‘I want to change, but not if it means changing,’ a patient once said to me in complete innocence. This insight from psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz came to mind as I listened to some of the discussion at and around the latest ‘State… Read More

Why I don’t tweet

It was my younger son, who’s a digital native, who persuaded me it was a bad idea. I’d been watching Twitter for a while, slightly mesmerised by its speed, energy and violence. When I gave a talk at the Bush last year,… Read More

Life is precious, not safe

It’s a widely held idea that art is dangerous—or at least challenging. It threatens established thinking, especially the complacency of the bourgeoisie. It dances barefoot on the ‘cutting edge’. I’ve never been wholly convinced by that belief, though it flatters the egos… Read More

Artists teaching art

Mik Godley, the artist with whom I worked on Winter Fires, is threatened with redundancy from his part-time teaching post at Chesterfield College. It’s the third time in three years and he’s feeling particularly vulnerable because he doesn’t have a formal teaching… Read More

Old maps and new projections

In Flanders (Belgium) there has been much recent debate about cultural governance. The central issues are about the best models for distribution of public funds but, of course, the discussion occurs against background of pressure on public spending. Earlier this year, I… Read More

An even break for young artists

Three months ago, I agreed to make a ‘digital postcard’ for the engage conference, which takes place in Cardiff today and tomorrow. It was a mistake: saying something useful (or even engaging) in three minutes to camera is not a skill I… Read More

Those who get it, and those who don’t

As the crisis sapping the Western economies continues, the division between those who get it and those who don’t becomes wider and more important. Unfortunately, those who don’t get it are mostly those who are in charge­—of governments, banks, corporations, and the… Read More

Evidence, politicians and the value of debate

A meeting of cultural researchers was held in Lefkosia (Nicosia) this week, under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the European Union. Participants from across the continent expressed a common concern about cutbacks on cultural spending, as governments struggle with recession… Read More

Culture and the crisis

It’s nearly five years since bank defaults burst the neoliberal economic bubble and the world – or at least the West – is still far from having found a durable response. There isn’t even much agreement on what happened, still less about… Read More

The art of uncertainty

The effects of the 2008 banking crash continue to spiral, despite the initial confidence of politicians and business people that they’d soon get things back on track. Yesterday France and Austria lost their AAA rating from the same agencies that were convinced,… Read More