On the value of not putting things into words

It’s uncomfortable for a writer to admit, but sometimes words fail us. They seem to have done so both before and since the 2014 European Parliamentary elections – or perhaps it’s we who have failed our words. Words, like hands, can be used to construct, to caress and to strike. Whatever the truth of it, … Continue reading On the value of not putting things into words

Copyright vs. the Honesty Box

‘Whereas Printers, Booksellers, and other Persons, have of late frequently taken the Liberty of Printing... Books, and other Writings, without the Consent of the Authors... to their very great Detriment, and too often to the Ruin of them and their Families.’ The Statute of Anne (1710) The digital reformation The effect of new digital and … Continue reading Copyright vs. the Honesty Box

‘Billy, Me & You’

Last autumn Nicola Streeten published her first comic book. Billy, Me & You is about a couple coming to terms with the loss of a small child. It is a personal account, some 15 years after the event, of an unanticipated death and a long journey of recovery. Streeten draws on – in every sense … Continue reading ‘Billy, Me & You’