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Georgina Barney – An Artist on Farming

Georgina Barney is captivated by farming, in theory, art and practice. Today she publishes GB Farming: An Island Journey, a book that records her time on 14 farms and her subsequent artistic investigations of the culture of farming in Britain. This text is my… Read More

Optimism is a valuable resource

  Jubilee Arts was a pioneering community arts project founded in 1974, in West Bromwich, an industrial town west of Birmingham. It thrived for more than 20 years, making imaginative and serious art with local communities. Then, during the ‘aspirational’ New Labour… Read More

I believe in doubt, part two

I do not believe in Belief. But this is an age of faith, where one is surrounded by so many militant creeds that in self-defence, one has to formulate a creed of one’s own. Tolerance, good temper, and sympathy are no longer… Read More

Why art is for grown ups

Greer:       And no matter what he confesses to, the narrator is always invulnerable. Levi:         Because he is in control. The author is omnipotent and can create the reality he wants. The question of whether art can speak truth – even… Read More

A Masterclass in Participatory Art

I was thinking about you guys yesterday. I’ve been here three times before and I think I understand a little bit about how you feel about some things. It’s none of my business how you feel about some other things – and… Read More

I believe in doubt

Saying what’s on your mind The simple, but consistent idea behind this blog (and all my work) is that everyone has the same right to say what they think, feel, believe. That right enables a democratic society to function. The struggle to… Read More

The wrong question

I don’t know when people started asking whether the things in art galleries were actually works of art—sometime between the first Salon des Refusés in 1863 and the exhibition of Fountain (attributed to Marcel Duchamp) in 1917, I suppose. The judges who… Read More

Rulers are unteachable

Why does art not reliably improve people? After all, the argument that it has transcendent, even spiritual value has been used to justify investment of time, money and care in its acquisition since the Enlightenment. It still is today, except among the… Read More

Great art everywhere

A baking July afternoon in Lincolnshire. Everything feels flattened under the heat: sheep, crops, fields. The houses I pass are quiet as if people are waiting for the cool of evening to come out of doors. A wrong turn has brought me… Read More

Remembering not to forget

Forgotten empire The almost complete absence of imperialism and particularly of colonialism from British public discourse has always struck me as problematic in itself and a sign of immaturity. Even a keen follower of British politics, media and the arts would only… Read More