Papers and articles

The papers and articles listed below have all been published in one form or another over the years. They vary in length, but none is longer than about 30 pages. Click on the title of the essay to download a PDF version.

  • 2017 Mirror Images: Cultural Collaboration and Civil Society – An essay about the Tandem exchange programme commissioned to mark its 5th anniversary. Tandem links cultural actors in the EU and neighbouring regions (Ukraine, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa) on projects that support civil society. This essay looks at that experience partly through the thinking of Pascal Gielen and Thijs Lijster and argues for the importance of this grassroots work in a troubled world. ‘Spiegelbilder‘ is the German translation by Philipp Dietachmair.
  • 2017 Common Ground, Cultural Action as a Route to Community Development – An earlier version of this text was published in the Community Development Journal, (2007, 42 (4): 449-458), but it has been revised an updated. It draws on two contrasting examples to show the continuing importance of cultural action in two very different social and economic situations: voluntary arts development in rural England  and my experience of community cultural projects in south east Europe.
  • 1996 Defining Values, Evaluating Arts Programmes (Comedia) – This was my first piece of theoretical writing about the problems of evaluating arts projects and specifically people’s participation. It looks at approaches used in medicine, education and crime prevention before concluding with six principles for evaluating participatory arts projects.