List of publications

This is a fairly complete list of my publications: where there are links, they can be downloaded free as a PDF (some of the files are substantial).

Books and reports

2019 – A Restless Art, How participation won and why it matters, London: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

2019 – Uma Arte Irrequieta, Reflexões sobre o triunfo e importância da prática participativa Lisbon: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

2019 – I Remember: Leicester (Editor), Nottingham: Writing East Midlands

2015 – A Wider Horizon: Creative Arts East and Rural Touring, Wymondham: Creative Arts East

2014 – The Light Ships, Church, art and community in the Lincolnshire Fens, Holbeach: Transported

2014 – The Pinning Stones, Culture and community in Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen: Aberdeenshire County Council

2013  – Bread and Salt, Stories of Art and Migration, (Utrecht: Vrede van Utrecht)

2013 – Brood en zout, Verhalen over kunst en migratie, (Utrecht: Vrede van Utrecht)

2013  – Cultural Encounters, The Swiss Cultural Programme in SE Europe, Sarajevo: SDC

2012  – Winter Fires, Art and Agency in Old Age, London: The Baring Foundation

2012  – Where We Dream: West Bromwich Operatic Society and the Fine Art of Musical Theatre, (West Bromwich: Multistory)

2011 – Stories and Fables, Reflections on culture development in Orkney, (Kirkwall: Highlands and Islands Enterprise)

2004  – Only Connect: Arts Touring and Rural Communities, Stroud: Comedia/NRTF

2005  – Living Heritage, Community Development through Culture Resources, Brussels: Fondation Roi Baudouin

2001  – Recognising Culture (editor.) Stroud: Comedia

1999  – Balancing Act: 21 strategic dilemmas in cultural policy, with Charles Landry, Strasbourg: Council of Europe

1998  – Learning Development, The social impact of public libraries, Stroud 

1998  – Vital Signs, Mapping Community Arts in Belfast, Stroud

1997  – Use or Ornament? The Social Impact of Participation in the Arts, Stroud: Comedia

1996  – Northern Lights, The social impact of the Fèisean, Stroud

1996 – Defining Values, Evaluating Arts Programmes (Stroud: Comedia)

1995  – Spirit of Place, Redundant Churches as Urban Resources, Stroud

1994  – Making Space, Disabled People & South Asian Dance, with Bisakha Sarker (Leicester: East Midlands Shape.ADiTi)

1994  – Regular Marvels: A Handbook for Animateurs, Leicester

1993  – The English Castle (London: Cassell, reprinted, 1995 & 2000)

Commissioned publications

2013  – Friendly Interest, Warsaw 

2012  – A Different Heartbeat, Liverpool

2010  – Telling Stories: The arts and wellbeing in North Liverpool, Liverpool: Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium

2006  – London 2005, Hong Kong 2007, Amsterdam

2005  – The Arts and Rural England, London: Arts Council England

2003  – Local Government and the Arts, London

2001  – Did it make a difference? Evaluation Arts and Business Partnerships. London

1999 – Engaging with Change: Libraries and librarians in a changing culture, Reading

Articles, lectures and book chapters

2015 – ‘A Place in the City: Recognizing Creative Inclusion’ in Hristova, S., Dragićević Šešić,, M., and Duxbury, N., eds.. Culture and Sustainability in European Cities: Imagining Europolis London

2013 – ‘Creative Progression: Reflecting on quality in participatory arts’ in UNESCO Observatory Multi-Disciplinary Journal in the Arts, Vol. 3, III, Melbourne

2013 – ‘All in this together’: The depoliticisation of community art in Britain, 1970-2011’ in van Erven, E. ed., Community-Art-Power, Rotterdam: ICAF

2012  – ‘Beleid, politiek en de complexiteit van het culturele landschap’ in Schramme, A., Schrauwen, J. & Rommes, C., ed., Goed Bestuur Voer Cultuur, Antwerpen

2008  – « Politique culturelle et diversité́ au Royaume-Uni » in Négrier, E. & Bonet, L. (éd.) La fin des cultures nationales. Les politiques culturelles à l’épreuve de la diversité́ Paris

2008  – ‘Meanwhile an audience, quite unaware’, Falmouth: University of Falmouth

2007  – ‘How the light gets in: The value of imperfect systems of cultural evaluation’ in Ayata, B. (ed.) Kulturekonomi, Konsten att fånga osynliga värden, Stockholm

2007 – ‘Common Ground: Cultural action as a route to community development’ in Meade, R. & Shaw, M. (eds.) Community Development Journal: Community development and the arts: reviving the democratic imagination, Oxford

2006  – ‘La storia sfigurata: la creazione del patrimonio culturale nell’Europa contemporanea’, in Bodo, S., & Cifarelli, R., (ed.) Quando la cultura fa la differenza, Rome

2005  – ‘Building confidence: community development in Macedonia through the Living Heritage programme’ in The Arts, Politics and Change: Participative Cultural Policy-making in South East Europe, Smithuijsen, C. et al., (eds.), Amsterdam

2004  – ‘L’état, c’est nous, Art, subsidy and the state under democracy’, Economia della Cultura, 4/2004, Bologna

2003 – ‘After Nietzsche: Museums in a Multicultural Society’ in Domingues, Á, et al. (eds.) A Cultura Em Acção, Impactos sociais e território, Porto

2003 – ‘Smoke and mirrors’ in International Journal of Cultural Policy, 2003 Vol. 9/3

2002  – ‘Freedom’s Shadow’, in Wallinger, M.. & Warnock, M. (eds.) Art for All? London

2001  – ‘In Defence of the Middle Ground’, in Fox, C. (ed.) Museums for ‘The People’? London

2001 – ‘No appealing solution: Evaluating the outcomes of arts and health initiatives’, in Evans, M.. & Finlay, I. (eds.) Medicine and the Humanities, London

1999  – ‘Democracy in Arts Development’, European Journal of Intercultural Studies, 10.3, 1999

1997 – ‘Belfast: Investing in change through community-level cultural activity’, in Craik, J. (ed.) Cultural Policy: Case Studies, Brisbane