Publications 1994 – 2022

Recent publications

This is a fairly complete list of my publications, lectures and reports. Except where I don’t hold the copyright, all my work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. Essentially, that means you may copy and share the work, provided you do not change or make commercial use of it, and that you retain the existing credits. Links are gradually being added, wherever possible.

Community art projects (Regular Marvels)

This is a series of creative projects that began in 2011, was suspended in 2015 when I began working on A Restless Art, and was revived in 2019. Like that project, it has its own dedicated website, where you can read more about the genesis of the individual projects.

Books and reports

  • Friendly Interest, Warsaw, (2013)
  • A Different Heartbeat, Liverpool (2012)
  • London 2005, Hong Kong 2007, Amsterdam (2006)
  • Local Government and the Arts, London (2003)
  • Did it make a difference? Evaluation Arts and Business Partnerships, London (2001)
  • Recognising Culture (editor.) Stroud: Comedia (2001)
  • Engaging with Change: Libraries and librarians in a changing culture, Reading, 1999
  • Balancing Act: 21 strategic dilemmas in cultural policy, with Charles Landry, Strasbourg: Council of Europe (1999)
  • Learning Development, The social impact of public libraries, Stroud  (1998)
  • Vital Signs, Mapping Community Arts in Belfast, Stroud (1998)
  • Northern Lights, The social impact of the Fèisean, Stroud (1996)
  • Spirit of Place, Redundant Churches as Urban Resources, Stroud (1995)
  • Making Space, Disabled People & South Asian Dance, with Bisakha Sarker Leicester: East Midlands Shape/ADiTi (1994)
  • Regular Marvels: A Handbook for Animateurs, Leicester (1994)
  • The English Castle, London: Cassell (1993, 1995 & 2000)

Articles, lectures and book chapters

  • 2015 – ‘A Place in the City: Recognizing Creative Inclusion’ in Hristova, S., Dragićević Šešić,, M., and Duxbury, N., eds.. Culture and Sustainability in European Cities: Imagining Europolis London
  • 2012  – ‘Beleid, politiek en de complexiteit van het culturele landschap’ in Schramme, A., Schrauwen, J. & Rommes, C., ed., Goed Bestuur Voer Cultuur, Antwerpen
  • 2008  – « Politique culturelle et diversité́ au Royaume-Uni » in Négrier, E. & Bonet, L. (éd.) La fin des cultures nationales. Les politiques culturelles à l’épreuve de la diversité́ Paris
  • 2008  – ‘Meanwhile an audience, quite unaware’, Falmouth: University of Falmouth
  • 2007  – ‘How the light gets in: The value of imperfect systems of cultural evaluation’ in Ayata, B. (ed.) Kulturekonomi, Konsten att fånga osynliga värden, Stockholm
  • 2007 – ‘Common Ground: Cultural action as a route to community development’ in Meade, R. & Shaw, M. (eds.) Community Development Journal: Community development and the arts: reviving the democratic imagination, Oxford
  • 2006  – ‘La storia sfigurata: la creazione del patrimonio culturale nell’Europa contemporanea’, in Bodo, S., & Cifarelli, R., (ed.) Quando la cultura fa la differenza, Rome
  • 2005  – ‘Building confidence: community development in Macedonia through the Living Heritage programme’ in The Arts, Politics and Change: Participative Cultural Policy-making in South East Europe, Smithuijsen, C. et al., (eds.), Amsterdam
  • 2004  – ‘L’état, c’est nous, Art, subsidy and the state under democracy’, Economia della Cultura, 4/2004, Bologna
  • 2003 – ‘After Nietzsche: Museums in a Multicultural Society’ in Domingues, Á, et al. (eds.) A Cultura Em Acção, Impactos sociais e território, Porto
  • 2003 – ‘Smoke and mirrors’ in International Journal of Cultural Policy, 2003 Vol. 9/3
  • 2002  – ‘Freedom’s Shadow’, in Wallinger, M.. & Warnock, M. (eds.) Art for All? London
  • 2001  – ‘In Defence of the Middle Ground’, in Fox, C. (ed.) Museums for ‘The People’? London
  • 2001 – ‘No appealing solution: Evaluating the outcomes of arts and health initiatives’, in Evans, M.. & Finlay, I. (eds.) Medicine and the Humanities, London
  • 1999  – ‘Democracy in Arts Development’, European Journal of Intercultural Studies, 10.3, 1999
  • 1997 – ‘Belfast: Investing in change through community-level cultural activity’, in Craik, J. (ed.) Cultural Policy: Case Studies, Brisbane

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