Speeches and talks

Moving Together Copenhagen, 2015

On young people and dance

The Authority of the Chorus Mannheim, 2015

On community theatre

Music: What is it good for?  Gateshead, 2014

On community music

Europe in a Shifting Reality, Athens 2014

On the value of cultural heritage, for the Greek Presidency of the EU

Voices Off: The Case for Independence, London, 2014

On theatre, to mark the anniversary of the Independent Theatre Council

Another Angle of Vision, Kirkwall, 2014

On Orkney’s cultural distinctiveness,

Playful Adventures Florence, 2014

On art and young people

Lying for Truth, London, 2014

On theatre and honesty, at the Bush Theatre, London, 2014

Changing the Culture, Nicosia, 2012

On principles of cultural governance for the Cyprus Presidency of the EU

Approximate projections, Antwerp 2012

On public cultural policy, charities and volunteering, for Antwerp University

The Shoreline and the Sea, Deurne, 2012

On intangible heritage, to mark the signature of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2012

The Parliament of Dreams Launceston, 2010

Why everything depends on culture, for the Regional Arts Australia conference in Tasmania