Art books

In describing the following as ‘art books’, I only mean to differentiate them from work whose function is research.  These books, from a series called ‘Regular Marvels begun in 2011 and halted (for now) in 2015, are their own purpose and were written only because I wanted to write them.

2012 Where We Dream: West Bromwich Operatic Society and the Fine Art of Musical Theatre

Where We Dream is both a celebration of the long tradition of amateur theatre and a critique of the condescension with which it is regarded by public arts policy and administration.

2012 Winter Fires, Art and agency in old age

Ageing comes to us all, if we are lucky, but it is the mixed blessing above all others: the fullness of years can bring frailty, illness, poverty and loss. Winter Fires asks how practicing art – or ‘artisting’, as I call it – can change how we experience old age.