This site is gradually gathering my published work since the mid 1990s (older work may eventually be added after that). Inevitably, there are things here that I wouldn’t put in the same way now, and sometimes things I wouldn’t say at all: our ideas develop and change. But I haven’t changed older texts, except where I have revised them fully – in which case, that is stated at the bottom off the first page. The interest and value of all this work diminishes with each passing year. Indeed as the 21st century progresses,  my arguments for human rights, democracy , tolerance and culture seem increasingly quixotic. Still, since I am asked for copies, the easiest thing is to make it available here.

There are more than 50 individual texts, some full length books, others just short articles or notes. To make them easier to find (I have an unfortunate penchant to metaphorical titles), I’ve organised them by type, as well as tagging and categorising them in other ways. So, for instance, you should be able to find everything I’ve written about dance (a subject on which I am especially ignorant) by choosing that tag. It will be a while before everything is here, tagged, categorised and described, so I ask for your patience.

The main sections are:

If you are looking for something specific and it’s not here, please let me know via the contact page. It’s probably because I haven’t added it yet, but it may be because I don’t hold the copyright. (I didn’t always realise that publishers were not only expecting me to work for nothing but seizing the copyright and putting it behind a paywall with an absurd price tag). But within those limits I’ll do my best to help.