A Wider Horizon (2015)

‘A wonderfully readable study of Creative Arts East and Rural Touring  [and] a bugle cry for people’s right to be involved in decisions about the cultural life of their communities which runs counter to the idea that arts development can simply be given or handed out in cold spots of artistic engagement.’

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 21 July 2015


A book about rural touring with drawings by Rosie Redzia

The arts thrive in rural communities. Performances, exhibitions, classes and groups abound. Alongside what is created locally, many villages also promote professional theatre and music with help from England’s rural touring schemes, A Wider Horizon tells the story of one of those – Creative Arts East, which serves rural Norfolk and Suffolk. It describes a three-year initiative to reach communities, which Arts Council England had identified as deserving more investment. The work shows how good arts development depends on relationship, empowerment and trust – and a dash of creativity. At a time of change and austerity, it also has wider lessons for the arts and leisure services