MIAAW LIVE! Inaugural Event

My dear friend Arlene will be talking about her brilliant and original new book with our podcasting friends Owen Kelly and Sophie Hope on Wednesday, 22 March. Through paintings, autobiography, politics and polemic, In the Camp of Angels of Freedom defends the principle of self-education in a world that only values accreditation.

In the Camp of Angels of Freedom: What Does It Mean to Be Educated?

Join Owen Kelly, Sophie Hope, and Arlene Goldbard on Wednesday, 22 March, at 9 am PDT/10 am MDT/noon EDT/4 pm GMT/6 pm EET for a live Zoom-based conversation with YOU and other community-based artists from the US, Europe, and beyond, about questions that matter: 

• How do we learn to become ourselves?
• Who inspired us?
• Is lived knowledge equal to credentialed expertise?
• Are social goods being converted to profit centers?
• How should it be?

Read more about In The Camp of Angels of Freedom: What Does It Mean to Be Educated? here .

Register free on Eventbrite and you’ll receive a discount code for 25% off the cover price of the book.

Miaaw.net  is the host for “A Culture of Possibility,” the podcast cohosted by Arlene and François, and lots of other great podcasts featuring Owen Kelly, Sophie Hope, and others.

THIS IS THE VERY FIRST EDITION OF MIAAW LIVE! We hope to bring you monthly conversations to augment the podcasts you’ll find on miaaw.net