A time of endings

This morning’s news bulletin led with the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, so I’ve deleted my account. I’d kept it going to support the Traction project, but that too is drawing to its close, with all three operas now performed. There are reports to write, dissemination activities and final meetings: the project ends on 31 December. I will take time away from work to deal with other pressing matters. After that, I’ve no idea. This brief update is just to say that this website (and its companions) will go quiet for a while, except perhaps for the ‘Old Words’ that I’m committed to publishing. This is a season of endings, and it is not over yet. In the meantime, my thanks to everyone who’s taken the trouble to read these posts.


  1. And except for C of P? I thought the plan was to take a little bit off after January and come back?

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