Old words

Next Friday, 4 March, I’ll add a new thread of work to this website. I’ve called it ‘Old Words’ because that’s what they are—essays and talks written over many years but unheard, except on the occasion of their delivery. They’ll be available as PDFs, audio files, and podcasts from miaaw.net, which is already home to ‘A Culture of Possibility’. The first is about music, what it offers us, and why that offer matters. Others will touch on a topics from intangible heritage to living with uncertainty, but always from a perspective of cultural democracy. I’m not sure how many there might be, and I don’t know who might find them interesting: it’s perhaps just a form of tidying up. Life has deprived me of new words, for now at least, so I fall back on old ones. And today, as war is callously revived in Europe, I think of what has been, what is and what should be.