Share cultures and creativity, so that social and democratic life is deepened by the exchange

The 2020 Rome Charter

Art exists when it is recognised. It is essentially a means of transmission, a way to communicate ideas, feelings, beliefs and values, especially when they are too complex, vague, uncertain or insecure to be put directly into words. So the capability to bring culture to other people – to friends, neighbours and fellow inhabitants of the city – is essential to participation in cultural life. Indeed, it is cultural life. It is in sharing their cultural traditions and creations that individuals and community groups become visible in the city, gain recognition and open dialogue with others. 

How might policy and programmes enable people’s capabilities to discover culture? Possibilities include:

  • Creating inclusive cultural platforms of different kinds and scale (including online) 
  • Supporting community groups to bring their work into public spaces
  • Opening the programming of cultural institutions and venues to local voices
  • Ensuring that staff and boards reflect the cultural and social diversity of the community
  • Supporting international cultural cooperation, exchanges and networks

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