Enjoy the city’s cultural resources and spaces, so that all can be inspired, educated and refreshed

The 2020 Rome Charter

People enjoy culture because it offers rich and varied satisfactions. It can make us laugh and move us to tears, bring us together in moments of community, and console us in loneliness, it sparks curiosity, informs and educates. It challenges us mind and body, and can transform how we see ourselves and the world around us.  But the capability to enjoy culture cannot be taken for granted. There are financial, geographical, social and, paradoxically, even cultural barriers to be overcome. Discovery is a vital pathway to enjoyment, so inclusive policies are needed to ensure that all local people feel welcome in the city’s formal and informal cultural spaces. 

How might policy and programmes enable people’s capabilities to discover culture? Possibilities include:

  • Pricing, timetable and opening policies that ensure all can access cultural venues
  • Supporting for the widest spectrum of cultural activity and expression
  • Removing inequalities in access and participation in cultural activities
  • Supporting cultural activities for vulnerable and disadvantaged people 
  • Public transport provision that facilitates access to cultural sites and experiences

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