Discover cultural roots, so that everyone can recognise their heritage, identity and place in the city, as well as understand the contexts of others

The 2020 Rome Charter

As children, we discover our world and our culture simultaneously. In fact, we discover the world through the cultural lenses of family, community and society. Foundations of identity are established early, and with them a series of codes and behaviours that reflect the value systems of those who care for us. Young people need help to acquire the taste and resources for cultural discovery, but learning is a life-long process and concerns working and retired people too. 

How might policy and programmes enable people’s capabilities to discover culture?  Possibilities include:

  • Protecting the cultural rights of all, especially minorities
  • Embedding the perspective of women, children and young people in cultural policies
  • Putting artistic and cultural education in the core curriculum at all ages
  • Providing affordable adult education and lifelong learning
  • Requiring cultural institutions and universities to offer education and access programmes
  • Programming inclusively to reflect a spectrum of cultural expression

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