Emerald Cities

A friend’s recent email made me think again about why I have never really believed in irreversible progress­, and certainly not in the emerald cities of political ideologues. Whether it’s scientific socialism or the end of history, left or right, all those mirages vanish in the light of actual lives, and especially the traces they … Continue reading Emerald Cities

Stories don’t teach

In the third volume of his Essays, Michel de Montaigne writes a line that has since become famous: 'Je n'enseigne point, je raconte' It is almost impossible to put this into English. Donald Frame's standard version – 'I do not teach, I tell'  – makes telling sound didactic, which is contrary to what Montaigne meant. 'Raconter' is to tell … Continue reading Stories don’t teach

The Light Ships launch

Regular Marvels

The Light Ships 21

Last Saturday was windy and cold. A good part of my drive from Nottingham to Whaplode was through torrents of rain, but as I got closer, the weather grew calmer and I grew more anxious about The Light Ships event. It’s been many years since I’ve organised anything quite like this and I wasn’t confident about how many people would brave the early breath of winter or what they’d think of it all if they did.

With the stalwart help of Lauren Williams and Kristina Taylor at Transported, and one or two local friends, the exhibition had been installed on Friday afternoon. It included drawings by Rosie Redzia, woollen sculptures by knitting groups, photographs by Tony Quinton, amateur paintings gathered by Mary Brice of Moulton, new and archive films, and a recreation by Jo Wheeler of the Bus Fayre from her Village Postcard project. But the principal exhibit was…

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