Month: July 2014

Great art everywhere

A baking July afternoon in Lincolnshire. Everything feels flattened under the heat: sheep, crops, fields. The houses I pass are quiet as if people are waiting for the cool of evening to come out of doors. A wrong turn has brought me… Read More

‘When will I be loved?’

I’ve been made blue, I’ve been lied to When will I be loved? I’ve been turned down, I’ve been pushed round When will I be loved? Phil Everly (1960) For three decades, at least, the subsidised arts world has been sending love… Read More

Can you see beyond the tent?

Originally posted on Regular Marvels:
Nicole & Martin live in a caravan: it may be the least interesting thing about them. People who live settled lives – most of us nowadays – have always regarded those who don’t with a mix of…

Art across borders

Migranland It is in the nature of artistic work to reach beyond the boundaries of language, culture and context. You don’t need to know anything about Japan in the Edo era to be captivated by the prints of Hokusai or Kuniyoshi. You… Read More

Ancient and Modern

Originally posted on The Light Ships :
Medieval visions Wrangle Church is known to architectural historians for its rare 14th century stained glass. Such survivals are unusual in English parish churches because artistic work associated with Roman Catholicism was frowned upon after Henry…

A question

An experiment in brevity: I have had this question in my mind for a little while.