Month: January 2014

How to be an artist

‘I don’t care if you call my work journalism or art or whatever; whatever you want to call it is fine with me.’ Jonas Bendiksen Open for Business Over the past few months, I have been interviewing documentary photographers for a project… Read More

Creative Resistance

National Theatre Wales (NTW) has won great acclaim since its launch in 2010 with 13 plays in 13 months, culminating in the Port Talbot Passion.  With no theatre building of its own (like  its counterpart in Scotland) NTW has quickly established itself as a… Read More

Who speaks?

Who am I? It is one of the basic existential questions that human beings have been asking themselves since they became able to call themselves human beings—Homo sapiens sapiens, the being who knows that she knows, who is conscious and aware of… Read More

Rene and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog after the War

One of the Internet’s delights is the chance of finding, and sharing, art. I’ve always loved the elegiac tone of Paul Simon ‘s song. René and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the War. It sets the romance of  1950s New York in a… Read More

Friendly Interest

For much of the British media, 2014 began with a panic about the opening of the UK’s borders to people from Romania and Bulgaria. It remains to be seen whether more of them will come here than the  Britons who have used… Read More