What has art ever done for science?

There’s a good post under this title at the Wellcome Trust blog—thanks Chris Fremantle—describing some of the ways that art and science collaborations have advanced scientific knowledge. Several commentators have added their own ideas and experiences in the same vein. It’s certainly a valid answer to the question: there is a growing body of collaborations … Continue reading What has art ever done for science?

Art, religion and meaning

Last night’s piano recital in a Sheffield church highlighted once again the permeable boundaries between art and religion. The performance—which was captivating—was unobtrusively supported by small rituals designed to separate this experience from everyday life and so to help those present to focus their minds on what it offered. Art uses many rituals, but they … Continue reading Art, religion and meaning

An artist out of time

I was driving home through the Scottish Borders—like Debatable Lands everywhere, this lovely region is used to strangers—when I passed a sign to Abbotsford. I'd seen images of Sir Walter Scott's home that had given me the impression of a vast faux-baronial pile, filled with the historical paraphernalia one might associate with the creator of … Continue reading An artist out of time