‘There’s no insurance against life’

Dementia has become the fate worse than death that haunts the imagination of Western societies. It is the price we pay for our increasing longevity: fewer than one person in a hundred develops the disease before 70, but after 80, that chance reduces to one in six, at best. We fear it because, in an … Continue reading ‘There’s no insurance against life’

Art’s liberating deniability

Monk: An intellectual ventriloquist: that’s an oxymoron. Nina: What’s an oxymoron? Monk: Well if you don’t know, why did I say it? Nina Conti, BBC Radio 4, 3 June 2013 The puppet must be one of humanity’s oldest and most joyful inventions. The youngest child is delighted by the pretence that a hand or a sock … Continue reading Art’s liberating deniability