Month: June 2013

Late flowering

Art and wellbeing in old age [This is the English text of a chapter I contributed to a book on art and ageing called Lang Leven Kunst, which was published on 18 June 2013 in Rotterdam.It’s rather long for a blog post,… Read More

‘There’s no insurance against life’

Dementia has become the fate worse than death that haunts the imagination of Western societies. It is the price we pay for our increasing longevity: fewer than one person in a hundred develops the disease before 70, but after 80, that chance… Read More

Art’s liberating deniability

Monk: An intellectual ventriloquist: that’s an oxymoron. Nina: What’s an oxymoron? Monk: Well if you don’t know, why did I say it? Nina Conti, BBC Radio 4, 3 June 2013 The puppet must be one of humanity’s oldest and most joyful inventions. The… Read More