Month: November 2012

Drawing together

A couple of years ago Deborah Aguirre Jones  began a project working with women experiencing mental health problems in Bristol, where she lives. Supported by a local organisation, Creativity Works, she invited the participants to make drawings to be given to local women… Read More

Arts outreach programmes: self-development or social instruction?

On 7 November, I took part in a symposium about cultural mediation in Basel, organised by Pro Helvetia with Migros. It marked the end of a four year programme supporting the development of outreach programmes in Swiss cultural institutions. The lively day… Read More

An even break for young artists

Three months ago, I agreed to make a ‘digital postcard’ for the engage conference, which takes place in Cardiff today and tomorrow. It was a mistake: saying something useful (or even engaging) in three minutes to camera is not a skill I… Read More

Dementia Friendly Arts

Dementia seems to be replacing cancer as the unmentionable disease. Until quite recently, people were reluctant even to use the word ‘cancer’, a fearful reticence that surely increased suffering and preventable deaths. Today, Professor June Andrews, of the Stirling Dementia Services Development… Read More