Month: March 2012

Theatre as solidarity

We ask no money for our performances. We ask for the public to contribute with food products with extended shelf life to be offered to Houses which take care of our fellow men.’ Sotiris Hatzakis, 28 February 2012 This Spring, actors of… Read More

Montaigne as a blogger

‘There should be some legal restraint aimed against inept and useless writers, as there is against vagabonds and idlers. Both I and a hundred others would be banished from the hands of our people. This is no jest. Scribbling seems to be… Read More

The Shoreline and the Sea

What is the difference between culture and heritage? It’s a question that has often arisen in my work and which, if it doesn’t have a neat solution, is still a good lens through which to examine some of our more unconscious attitudes…. Read More