Month: January 2012

Stories and Fables: Culture in Orkney

Download the report Stories and Fables – Culture in Orkney 2012 Orkney is an archipelago set in the wild seas of the north of Scotland. It has some of the oldest traces of human habitation in Europe. Today, it’s home to about 20,000 people… Read More

On ‘the very idea of measuring cultural value’

There is a new blog on the DCMS website by Claire Donovan, an academic at Brunel University who has been commissioned to write a report on ‘the very ideaofmeasuring cultural value’. She asks: ‘What are your views on the very idea of… Read More

The art of uncertainty

The effects of the 2008 banking crash continue to spiral, despite the initial confidence of politicians and business people that they’d soon get things back on track. Yesterday France and Austria lost their AAA rating from the same agencies that were convinced,… Read More