Thank you for visiting this site, which describes some of my work in consultancy, research, community arts, public speaking and writing. There’s also more recent thinking on blog pages, and links to free PDFs of my research reports, essays and talks.

This mix of work is bound together by my belief that everyone has the right to participate in the arts on their own terms. In the 1980s and 1990s, that commitment to cultural democracy took the form of community arts work, and I still do some today. But I also support community arts organisations through planning, evaluation and consultancy. The research, writing, teaching and public speaking aims to contribute to knowledge of community and participatory art.

I work freelance so I can focus on work that inspires me and makes a difference. It’s given me the chance to meet and work with extraordinary people in the UK, other parts of Europe and elsewhere. In an increasingly uncertain world, the work of those who are committed to art and community, tolerance and human rights seems more urgent than ever. I’m always interested in new ideas and projects. If you think I might be able to contribute to your work or you have an idea I could help with, please email me through the contact page. Let’s do something worthwhile.

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